Patient Ambassador Center team members connect with and support our patients in taking the first step in their transformation journey.

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Looking for a fulfilling career where you help patients pursue their best lives?

If your ideal work environment is a place where you connect with our patients and are challenged, celebrated regularly, and motivated by opportunities for growth, we invite you to apply for a role as a part of our virtual Patient Ambassador Center team.
Tom Barr - President at Sono Bello

Andrea C.

Training Manager

“With an entrepreneurial spirit, I gravitated to Sono Bello because of its mission, its industry leading standards and the heart behind it all. I joined the organization in 2009, when the Patient Ambassador Center first opened its doors and Sono Bello only had 3 locations! Over a decade later, I can confidently say that joining Sono Bello was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. From our amazing patients to our extraordinary team members; its been life-changing and life-defining work, to be a part of so many transformations! What we offer our patients, is intrinsically the same as what we foster through leadership, training and coaching – that is, world-class performance, teamwork and care.”

Charles S.

Consult Specialist Shift Lead

“By volunteering for new tasks/projects, I was able to discover other departments and operations within Sono Bello. Eventually I found the Consult Specialist Team, and really came to enjoy the work of they do in supporting both the PAC and our Centers. The team continues to achieve success while also growing in size to offer more career opportunities to others and I am just so thankful to be a part of its development.”

Sharolette D.

Virtual Consultant Specialist

“My professional journey with Sono Bello has given me the opportunity to rise into a career that I love and am proud of. The culture they cultivate encourages professional growth and personal well-being with equal importance and celebrate every victory as a team. At Sono Bello, we are changing lives and I believe in what we do. The kindness and compassion that flows through this company, from its employees to its patients, is unmatched.”